About Us

We are Wholesalers of Branded Clothing and Sportswear. ASLexpress.com  which is a part of Adam Sinclair Ltd. This website allows our clients to access our products within a few clicks.

Established by Ash Farmah in 1995. Adam Sinclair Ltd is a Business to Business Distributor of Genuine Sports Branded Clothing and Footwear. We are based near London in the United Kingdom (U.K.) and have been established since 1995. All the products we sell are bought on a Closeout Basis and are normally cancelled orders, cleared to us direct from the brands.

These products are all authentic, brand new and original from the branded out of their European Clearance Inventory. All goods we sell are between 30 – 70 % discount off the first and normal wholesale company price (Trade Price).

We can supply small and large Businesses that are selling genuine Outlet Branded Clothing and Footwear. We can ship direct to your store/shop anywhere in Europe from our own stocks in London.

Our goal – Why buy from us?

1. Quality: When buying and sorting, we make sure that all products meet expected standards. All products will have packaging, tags and labels.  If they do not have this, then we shall expressly state it.
2. Speed: We aim  to process your order instantly, once the order has gone through.  Our modern Enterprise Resource Planner will also notify you about the status of your order, whether it is 'Pending', 'Processing' or 'Despatched'.  Of course orders on the weekend and after working hours are pending until next working period.
3. Flexibility: Feel welcome to buy a small quantity. It can be intimidating for some new clients to co-operate with other Wholesalers, however we are now capable of serving both experienced and new clients. 

4. Dependability: Any Stock displayed on our website or offered via email will be in our Warehouse first. We do not trade as agents but actual Wholesalers. 

5. Cost: Most compromise this level of service with a higher price, but we aim to keep our costs to a minimum. We understand for some clients that profit margins are ‘tight’ thus we accept a collection service for free, for those who find it  cheaper to avoid delivery charges.